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We recognize that preserving the global environment is of paramount importance for protecting life on Earth.
Altair strives to be environmentally responsible, always taking into account the environmental impacts before deciding on an action. In this way, we do our part to protect the planet for future generations.

From a global perspective, Altair's environmental management actions are but one small step.
Nevertheless, we are dedicated to refining our environmental management systems to ensure that our company's activities have the smallest possible adverse impacts on the quality of life for future generations.

  1. We evaluate in detail the environmental impact of all our business activities, including procurement, sales, and servicing of state-of-the-art scientific analytical instruments, measurement instruments, production instruments, and associated supplies that we handle. We pledge to abide by all applicable laws and regulations as well as other covenants to which Altair is a party. We strive to prevent pollution to the maximum extent that is technically and economically feasible. We have established company-wide environmental objectives and goals, and we continuously improve our systems by revising objectives and goals as needed.
  2. To promote environmental management and protection activities, we have established an environmental management unit that enables employees to take appropriate actions, and to cooperate with other stakeholders.
  3. To reduce the impact that our business activities may have on the environment, we focus on the following:
    1) Actively promoting environmentally friendly products,
    2) Suggesting environmentally friendly products, systems, and businesses to our customers.
  4. Through environmental education, we ensure that all of our own employees, as well as contractors who work with Altair, fully understand our environmental policies, improvement initiatives, and environmental records. We help them increase their environmental awareness, and will take actions to maintain and improve our environmental management activities going forward.
  5. Our full environmental policy is available upon request.
September 28, 2005
Altair Corporation
President and CEO: Shigeto Eda

Certification obtained on March 11, 2003
Certification renewed on February 10, 2009
Certifying organization:
Moody International Certifications Limited

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