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◎ PicoPipet
Easily and gently handles a single ultra-fine particle as small as 1 μm
The PicoPipet microcontrols can smoothly suction and discharge fluid at micro flow rates. It can also extract ultra-fine particles, such as simple cells or bacteria.
  • The pipet's capillary tip can be used for sorting ultrafine particles such as cells.
  • The dial on the palm-sized controller rotates for smooth control of suction, discharge, and stop operations.
  • A wide variety of capillaries can be installed at the pipet tip.
  • The pipet can also be combined with a variety of fixtures or manipulators.
Applications (Click on an active link to launch a video)
  • Handling of suspension cultures, enzymes, bacteria, mold spores, pollens, crystals, metallic particles, protozoa, etc.
  • Micro volume tuning at the end of the tip
  • Quantitative micro pipetting of 1 nl to 500 nl (using a scaling tip)
  • Micro flow spotting (at the pico liter level)
Joint international patent application submitted: PCT/JP2007/072663
Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Nano Fusion Technologies, Inc., Altair Corporation

◎ ElecSyringe
Ultra-thin stainless-steel needle with 100-μm OD and 50-μm ID
Because this syringe is ultra-thin, it can be inserted into the target location with great precision(resulting, for example, in minimal damage to small lab animals).
  • When combined with the PicoPipet, the syringe can be used to inject drugs over a period of time.
  • Ideal for collecting blood and other body-fluid samples.
This product is not approved for use as a medical device for humans or animals.

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